HTC Hero – Using the adb shell commands in Ubuntu!

8 11 2009

My god I have been reading a lot in different forum threads, so I think there are more people then me that needs a little help with this.
Tried to gather the most relevant and working methods, and just make a little forum post on how to use the adb (android debug bridge), part of the Google system developement kit (sdk).

Download the SDK .tgz package from google and unpack the android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1 folder.

Move/copy the adb file from ~/’downloadfolder’/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1/tools/ to e.g /usr/bin/adb
and make it executable (it not already) by

$ sudo cp ~/'downloadfolder'/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1/tools/adb /usr/bin/
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/adb

or export $PATH as wanted.

Now that you have “installed” adb, all you gotta do us run adb to see the help file

$ sudo adb

Now you can see the help file, and all the commands you can insert. Start off with plugin in your Android device, and run
$ su
$ adb device
$ adb logcat

and you can see your mobile listed, (the number that is shown is your serial number) and then a full log of whats happening on your phone. Try doing different stuff while running logcat, you’ll understand.
To find out a little more about what you can do, visit Googles ADB site.



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