HTC Hero exposed to humidity, now… it’s (probably) broken

9 10 2009

My beloved HTC Hero has been gently lying in my pocket for about one and a half month now, and I must admit, I have never broken a phone as fast as this.
I woke up this morning, answered a couple of e-mails, texted a message to my girlfriend and everything seemed to be just fine. Went to school to discover that the SIM-card wasn’t registered (used to happen because of a little slack on the SIM-lock), tried to restart my phone but it wouldnt boot up again.

I then sat down, opened up the back lid and removed my battery, to see slight tracks of water beneath the battery and the moisture inidicatiors were pink, like it was dipped in water or something.
Fortunate for me, I’ve got a friend that has a lot of experience disassembling mobile phones and repearing these, so I’ve said my prayers and left it all up to him.

The curious thing about this, is that I was able to boot it up in Recovery Mode with the USB connected, so I was able to do a nandroid backup. Now I want you all to pray with me, that I wont loose my precious phone and the money that comes with it…

So for all of you owners of a new phone with the latest in electronics; keep your devices away from any sort of water, I havent used mine even in the rain, but appearently, my pockets aren



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