Free apps from Android Market! (rooted phones)

14 02 2010

This might be old news, but for those who hasn’t quite figured it out yet: The only “copy protection” Google has arranged for the apps at the market place is the directory which they installs to.
These directories is /data/app and /data/app-private. With a stock ROM you won’t be able to read this dir, but with a rooted phone is just to easy!

Either you could install “Root Explorer” from Android market or just use adb. I prefer the latter.

The first thing you do is to connect your phone with an USB-cable, download a paid app (dont worry, you will get your refund and your app, then run in terminal:

adb shell to enter the shell on your phone
su to become superuser
cd /data/app
cd /data/app-private
Now, find your application, lets say its name is something like “”

cp /sdcard/

Now you have copied the application from a hidden directory and on to your SD, all you gotta do is to uninstall and get your refund (within 24 hours), and install the APK lying on /sdcard/ using Astro Filemanager or something you prefer.

If you want to use the Root Explorer, just allow the app full root-access, browse to the folder you wanna pull a app from, long press to copy and thats it! Easy huh?

Btw, this is for educational perposes only. Please contribute something, if you could afford a phone like this, you can definitely cough up a buck or two for the developers that is making our days easier!

Enable Android Market (buy apps even when HTC won’t let you)

12 02 2010

Download Market Enabler.apk

Be sure to have a rooted phone! It wont work unless you got that right. For rooting, visit e.g MoDaCo or xda-developers and read som forum posts 😉

Now, install the .apk, run it, pick settings list and long press one of the network providers to fake it. Alow root, and it should be mighty fine ;D

RA Recovery – Hero v.

11 02 2010

recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.3.1: megaupload

1) Connect your Hero via usb to your pc/mac/…
2) Open Command Prompt ->
Put in the following text ->
C:\Users\Username> cd\
C:\>cd android\tools\
C:\>android\tools>adb push recovery-RA-Hero-v1.5.3.1.img /sdcard/recovery-RA-Hero-v1.5.3.1.img
C:\>android\tools>adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-Hero-v1.5.3.1.img

Thanks to zeppeman at for the instructions 🙂

More info:

Skype on Android? Try Fring!

26 01 2010

Well finally!!! God damn it I’ve been looking a long time for such an app, and here it is!
Fring is my new favourite. Just tested it a couple of minutes, but it seems to be working just fine, except for a little lag, but you just have to deal with it.

Download from Android Market or at Fring’s website for free and log in to your GSM, Skype, Google, ICQ, MSN, Twitter, AIM or Yahoo! account through Fring.

Still lack some testing against other mobile fring users, but that’ll be soon 🙂

Please add a comment about your experiences with Fring.

Get free Google Wave invites

14 12 2009

Got 24 of them, don’t know where to send them, just post a comment and you will get one 🙂
PS: Your IP’s will be checked for duplicates, so please dont try getting more than one, you will get more invites yourself anyway…

HTC Hero – Using the adb shell commands in Ubuntu!

8 11 2009

My god I have been reading a lot in different forum threads, so I think there are more people then me that needs a little help with this.
Tried to gather the most relevant and working methods, and just make a little forum post on how to use the adb (android debug bridge), part of the Google system developement kit (sdk).

Download the SDK .tgz package from google and unpack the android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1 folder.

Move/copy the adb file from ~/’downloadfolder’/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1/tools/ to e.g /usr/bin/adb
and make it executable (it not already) by

$ sudo cp ~/'downloadfolder'/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1/tools/adb /usr/bin/
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/adb

or export $PATH as wanted.

Now that you have “installed” adb, all you gotta do us run adb to see the help file

$ sudo adb

Now you can see the help file, and all the commands you can insert. Start off with plugin in your Android device, and run
$ su
$ adb device
$ adb logcat

and you can see your mobile listed, (the number that is shown is your serial number) and then a full log of whats happening on your phone. Try doing different stuff while running logcat, you’ll understand.
To find out a little more about what you can do, visit Googles ADB site.

Radio streams like NRK radio-streams on your Android

29 10 2009

As a Norwegian, the most popular radio channels to keep in your pocket is NRK’s radio-streams. Thanks to the awesome guys in “NRK beta”, they have gotten us some links that let you stream their channels on Android powered phones.

I use StreamFurious that you can find in the (google) Android Market. Once installed, just press on the links to the different streams in browser and StreamFurious will automatically open the stream, pre-buffer and play your radio channels.

Of course, if your favorite radio-channels allow you to download their streams, you’re more then welcome to play them as well.

You cand find NRK’s stream here